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Ghost Detector 3DV

2.07 usd

- This program is a paid version of "Ghost Detector" which is downloaded by Two million people worldwidely.- This program has all basic features that are used by "Ghost Detector" and maintain 4 star grades in this field.- Before installing this program, you should install free version of Ghost Detector first and check the operation and performance. * This program is a toy. Do not take it seriously Never !!![Differences with paid version]When capture ghosts, it play the analyzed sound.Display the message of ghost to image.Remove AdvertisementsImprove other features[Description]Ghost Detector detects a ghost (phantom) as a form of radar Discovered ghost are marked by red dots.Ghost Detector use motions and microphones sensor on your smartphone like radar.Especially, it analyzes the wave length of MIC sensor by unique algorithm.When the sensitivity of the microphone is higher, it can search ghosts in a long distance.[Basic Algorithm]It extracts sounds of bandwidth wave that people couldn’t listen.It filters specific sound waveform out and measures frequency of sound.When unusual frequency of sound occurs, it recognizes as ghost.[The Form of Plays Sound]It extracts sounds of bandwidth wave that people couldn’t listen.It makes to expand sound waves.It transforms sound waves in reverse. *This is a general capturing way of Ghost Detector.* It has a rare possibility that have a chance to mix with meaningful sounds.[The Form of Extracted Images]It provides a change detection of sound wave of unusual bandwidth visually.* It has a rare possibility that displays the form of meaningful shapes or letters.* It judges meaning of sound by these procedures.[Instruction]* It can’t work in the noisy place.* Sometimes it made a wrong response to electronic equipments.* When you operate it while you move in the unstable situation, program can be malfunction.* Detection ability can be changeable depend on your cell phone’s microphone sensor sensitivity.* This program cannot be allowed for searching aliens or UFOs.* Made this program seriously but don't take results too seriously!!!